There is one for all. Not a single one matches the other one. Yes! Your plate is unique to you. Just think of the different roles you play in your everyday life. You may be a working mother or a struggling artist or an accomplished businessperson, may be you are a teenager or perhaps you are a retired old man. You may be diabetic but not obese. You may have high blood pressure but good cholesterol levels! Perhaps you have a physically impairment or a mentally challenged child.  Your clinical condition may be different now from what it was before. Not only this, the geographic location, availability of food options, your emotional, social and economic status, genetics and current level of physical activity has a major influence on your plate.

If you are very happy today you might just allow an extra serving of your favorite sweet or may get even more conscious of what your are eating. Perhaps you are angry and do not wish to eat you meal today! May be you had a busy day at work and skipped your lunch and now you are acidic and don’t know what to eat! Ahhhh you had a gala time with your friends over a couple of drinks last night and next morning you just want to get rid of your headache! Ever wondered how all these day-to-day life situations affect your nutritional status over long run? Basically it is very difficult to abide by one standard meal format. In doing so, you are not only refraining your self from the vast wonderful options available around you but you are giving the same nutrition to your body as what you did yesterday and will do it again tomorrow! it is very difficult to maintain the same calorie intake everyday, or even provide 0.8gm of protein/ kg body weight in your diet every day. A standard diet format further limits your body’s unique ability to adapt to various sources of nutrients because every source traps the nutrient in its own unique way. The ability of your body to identity, break down and release the nutrient depends on how often the body is exposed to variety of options.

Food is the sole source of energy to your mind body and soul. Just as my plate suggests, every individual has his or her own preferences over food. It is important however, not to eliminate any of these qualities but you can adjust the proportion sizes to your likes each day. With coming time, i shall focus on how to select your plate and the right sources every day. There is no single strategy that works when it comes to nutrition. It is different for every one.  Therefore in my opinion, the key is to BALANCE. You must learn to compensate the junkie dinner or binge eating over the party you had last. While at times you can sit back and relax a full share of your favorite dessert!