Glucose, which is a chemical name of sugar, is the only nutrient that all the body cells use to carry out their functions in presence of vitamins and minerals. Thus whatever you eat, your body will break down to glucose for absorption.  You consume glucose in almost everything. A glass of coke, bread, potatoes, whole-wheat rolls, fruits, unsweetened fresh fruit juices, low fat milk, a glass of wine and almost everything has glucose. Glucose is present in different chemical forms in different foods like starch in potatoes, fructose in fruits, lactose in milk.  Based on your everyday physical activity including walk to the train station, standing in line for food, walk in the grocery market, dedicated exercise (yoga, aerobic, strength) cooking, studying and likewise, your body will burn energy to help you sustain these daily activities. In other words, the glucose that you feed to your cells will produce energy to help you perform these activities. If your body needs immediate energy, it will burn the glucose right away. If the energy requirements are low at any time, your body will store glucose in liver muscle for future use. However, there is a limit to the storage of glucose in the liver. Thus all the remaining glucose will be stored as fat. This itself explains why “ eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”. At the start of the day, you have a list of daily activities to be performed, which means you will need a lot of energy. As and when the day passes by, you have almost reached half the list and thus, your calorie requirement decreases with the decent in the day. Thus when it’s about nighttime, the only activity left is to sleep and refresh for the next day.

You must be able to understand your hunger and your energy requirements. Notice your eating speed. If it decreases after a few bites, it is a signal that your stomach is almost to be full. If the food is no longer tasty after a couple of bites, then it a signal by the brain that your stomach is full. If you feel tired in just few minutes of your walk, or you feel tired already by the time you reach office, it means you are not eating right. Certainly, it is practically impossible to eat exact calories as you burn. However, the goal is not to eat too much or too less. Eating right is a simply permutation and combination of nutrients and every one has its own formula.

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