Two days in a week that we all yearn for SATURDAY and SUNDAY! Whether you like to be a part of the weekend rush, clubbing, partying, travel, traffic, fooooodddd or you like to be at home, watching your favorite TV programs or may be sports or playing Taboo, ALCOHOL is an integral part of today’s generations’ weekends. I wont deny at times I too enjoy a bottle or two of beer with my friends. And just like all others I too suffer the silent side effects despite of the fact that I monitor my food habits through out the week. Yes, I suffer loose motions, sometimes tiredness, depressed next morning, may be mild headache and even dehydration.

Lets picture, the journey of alcohol into our body systems and how each of the organ socialize with it! To begin with, depending upon the type of alcohol like shooters or soothers, they enter with a sizzle down the throat reaching up to the hub called the stomach unlike beer who pretends to be the cooler one. Whether your are a first timer or a pro at it, you cannot escape this sizzling entry! From the stomach, the blood escort the alcohol to each organ whom I will refer to as gentlemen and guess what, all of them treat alcohol as an “alien”. They refuse to identify alcohol as a nutrient and therefore, all decide collectively that this alien has to go out! However, Mr Brain at this moment differs and instead, starts enjoying in the alien’s company.  You know, the alien kinda plays witchcraft over the brain! Since alcohol is treated as an alien, all the organs stop doing what they are meant to do like absorbing and digesting nutrients to produce energy and thus they now divert all their mechanisms in finding ways to break down the alcohol so that it can be eliminated from the body. In doing so, they hamper the regular body function and therefore the carbs, proteins and fats have to wait until their turn. This wait converts the major nutrients as fats in our body and thus this is why any alcohol simply makes you FAT. Being over weight and obese has a whole lot of other side effects. Poor little vitamins and minerals, who are now futile in the absence of carbs, proteins and fats that they have no choice but to leave the body along with the alcohol. The estimated time  to get this alien out of the body is variable depending on your metabolic rate, frequency of drinking, total duration of your drinking session, volume of drinks and even your gender. On an average it takes about 1 – 1.5 hours for 1 bottle of beer to be flushed out of your system. Many a times, this alien enters with others like fries, jalapeño poppers, popcorn; nuts etc that only causes further load to the body. And yes the brainy Mr. Brain realizes next morning that he was possessed!!!Until the systems regain their functions, guess what.. Its about to be a weekend again and the cycle continues.

Unlike smoking, in my opinion alcohol effects can be reversed or managed to least destruction in the body with the help of WATER and knowledge about alcohol drinking. Effects of alcohol also depend on the climatic situations. For example, in a deserted land, if I choose to drink wine, it is advisable to opt for white instead of red because red wine is considered to be a dry drink. It gets you more dehydrated than any other drink in hot weather. Ensure you change the source of your poppers while drinking. Change from fries to fresh cucumber and carrot sticks or may be grilled potatoes. The psychology behind poppers is when you are drinking, a different texture like crispy is more desirable than any other. Lastly develop a habit a dilute the alcohol when you are about to finish the session. This will help the organs to flush out the alcohol at a much faster rate. Next morning ensure to drink enough water to fasten the detox process. As young educated adults, it is in our favor to be fully aware of the side effects of consuming alcohol. My Plate does not have any allowance to alcohol. Not even in cravings. However, my plate can be designed to detoxify and rejuvenate to your needs. Alcohol is harmful when it is more than once a week and one more every week than the previous week.