‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar’.

Diabetic, obese, heart patient, child, mother and even granny all benefit from breakfast irrespectively. Imagine your body as a machine which has been at rest for at least 7 hours. It’s a new day and all bodies have to work. Metabolism is a body process. It requires fuel to operate. When you feed breakfast to your body which has been at rest for last 7 hours, it now begins to warm up and requires enough fuel to reach to its max speed. When a machine is at its peak of operation, needless to say it turns very efficient in its process. Likewise, when you feed breakfast to your body, the metabolism begins with a great speed since the stomach was empty from last night. Now that it has enough fuel, it is able to operate and reach its max speed by lunch time and gradually it will decrease when it’s about time to shut off. If you help your body reach to its max metabolism, your body in turn will burn max calories for you through out the day. Certainly, physical activity plays an important role to help burn excess fat. You must supply 2/3 of your energy requirement of the whole day only from your breakfast! Besides, you body needs to be fed on regular intervals to keep the metabolism going.

Lets assume, you skipped your breakfast or did not have proper breakfast as per your body requirements. By nature, the body is tuned to conserve first and then use the fuel. Therefore, in this case whatever you eat after a long break specially when you skip your morning breakfast, the body will first convert the carbs and proteins into fats and store for future use.Only after storing enough reserves will the body start burning calories to produce energy. Unless, you have intense physical workouts everyday, the excess fat will be burnt. Unfortunately, most of us cannot maintain a workout regime/ routine for long. This conservation mechanism is the underlying reason why some people who fast under religious beliefs can sustain without food for days. Nature has been kind enough to us to develop our body that can self-heal, protect and conserve energy for future. However, it is our responsibility to make sure we feed healthy and nutritious meals to our body that can keep the senses, organs, cells fit and healthy. The core is to feed right amounts and proportions with healthy combinations.

My Plate has Aloo paneer methi parantha made with multi-grain flour with mInt Chutney on the side and a Glass of almond banana milkshake made with skimmed milk. Did you have your breakfast today?To know more how to make your breakfast healthy, write to myplateme@gmail.com, follow Nanee202003 on Twitter