Eating is not what causes weight gain. What really matters is the food combinations and time. It can be early morning glass of water, pre or post workout meals, next day meals after heavy drinking, first meal after a religious fast, and even a weight loss diet. All require correct food combinations and permutations. Practically, most of us eat most variety of food however, at different times. Certain food combinations can work wonders while some compete with each other inside! Even nutrients get picky with their partners! Some form a team and help each other in absorption. While some compete with each other. Can you guess what can be wrong in MY PLATE for breakfast if I consume a plate of poha(flat rice flakes) with veges and a cup of unsweetened milk coffee? Nope!! Calories are not what I am talking about because as per calories, this can be an ideal breakfast. The problem lies in the nutrients. Poha is a source of Iron. Milk is a source of Calcium. Coffee is nothing but caffeine. Iron and Calcium compete with each other for absorption! Lets say you add a dash of lime to the poha, which is Vit C. Vit C, helps in iron absorption. But the presence of caffeine will affect the absorption of all the nutrients!! This is just one example of a common indian breakfast that tastes very good, is easy to prepare but nutritionally not sound. Can you imagine in our everyday life, how many wrong practices we may be following under the disguise of nutrition?

Women after 40 are generally on calcium supplements. With the setting trends in nutraceuticals, most of us consume various vitamin and mineral supplements to maintain energy levels, to feel fresh, for health and beauty and sometimes for medical reasons. If you are unaware of the right food combinations, even your supplements can do very little help to you.No food is right or wrong. Nature has been kind enough to us to give us the best. However, it is we humans who alter the goodness either with various processes or with different combinations! To know more about the right food combinations, write to, connect with @Nanee202003 on twitter.Let me leave you with a question!glass of warm water with honey and lemon.A glass of warm water with a dash of lime in the morning is a very common practice adopted by many to lose weight. However, a common mistake most of them make is add honey!! This combination can work wonders if you are a heart patient or over 30% obese but may not work in favor for all. Can you guess what can be potentially wrong here?