Loaded with micronutrients like Manganese, Vit K, Vit B complex and Folate which is necessary for iron formation and absorption in the human body, Brocolli tops the list of those super foods which even if consumed in smaller quantities will provide quality nutrition.  A broccoli will help to

1)   Reduce inflammations and pains

2)   Reduce blood pressure (try this by consuming broccoli 3 – 4 times in a week though in small amounts and you will se a significant drop in your BP)

3)   Prevent Cancer

4)   Reduce bad cholesterol due to the presence of good fiber

5)   Alkalize your body and maintain the body acid levels which will further prevent stress.

6)   Detoxify your body due to presence of fiber and water.

7)   Boost metabolism and thus keep excess calories at bay.

You can consume broccoli in various ways like include in pastas, pizza, salads, if you love vegetables, just chew on some steamed broccoli and boiled corn with lime and some pepper! Below is one healthy option you can include in your diet. It will not only add variety but also make your plate colorful with its lush green color and palatable!

Broccoli and Walnut Soup

Broccoli Soup


2 large stalks of wash and cleaned Broccoli

1 small potato

1 med onion

2 – 3 garlic cloves

Some coriander

½ cup skimmed milk

Some walnuts (cut in small pcs)

2 tsp olive oil


*      Steam the broccoli, onion, and potato and keep aside. Do not throw away the stalk.

*      Sauté the garlic and walnuts in olive oil until you smell lightly fried garlic.

*      Blend the broccoli, onion and the stalk with sautéed garlic and walnuts until thick paste.

*      Simmer the mix on low temperature and add the milk to give a smooth consistency

*      Garnish with some salt and pepper

*      Serve hot with bread sticks.

Healthy Variations:

  • If you wish to make this as your light supper meal, you can add all your favorite veggies like the corn, carrots, French beans, and some whole boiled beans along with whole-wheat pasta and relish this a complete meal in the form of a soup!
  • If you want to encourage your kids to eating Broccoli, replace the skimmed milk with regular milk and grate some cheese on top before serving. The calcium in the milk will not hinder with any nutrients in the broccoli and therefore this combination will ensure a quality supply of micronutrients. You can also replace walnuts to almonds, incase your children do not like walnuts.
  • For a party at your place, you can use the above combination to make a pasta sauce base. Below are few changes you must make:
  1. Prepare a white sauce with low fat milk and I don’t believe its not butter.
  2. Add low fat cheese slices to enhance the flavor of the sauce
  3. Make a thick puree of the ingredients instead of the soup
  4. This combination will taste the best with olives and baby tomatoes and some fresh parsley.
  5. Garnish with Italian herbs and spices.