I am  Nancy Bhatia, residing in the ever-growing city of Dubai, UAE. After completing my masters in Public Health Care and Administration from NY, USA I am back to health and nutrition. Having worked in the healthcare industry for 2 years in USA, I realised nothing can please me better than health and nutrition.I started my formal training in food science and nutrition immediately after high school where I learnt the core of nutrition and dietetics for 6 years. It is the same time when I completed my Bachelors in Clinical Nutrition from Mumbai, India and Post Graduation in Sports Science and Nutrition from Mumbai, India.
Having worked as a nutritionist at a couple of health centers, I realized nutrition and diet planning is not only about weight loss or bodybuilding. There is more to the term ” nutrition”. Nutrition has always been music to my body and mind. Never did I realize the importance of healthy and a balanced diet untill i lived in the United States for 5 years during my masters where I was exposed to a new world of processed food which certainly is not less harmful than plastic. With nutrition as a health medium, I wish to reach out to mass to with a sole purpose to educate and make them aware of what they are actually eating.

To customize you plate, analyse your nutrional status and lifestyle patterns you can contact me at myplateme@gmail.com.