‘We are what we eat. We become what we think’ Some like it hot, and some like it cold. Many want variety and many like it the way it is forever. Most of us look for health benefits while others relish every bite and taste. Your food plate says it all about you.

Every woman is looking for a weight loss diet and most men want to build muscles. Every mom is worried about her growing child and every wife is struggling with options that is nutritious and tasty for her husband. Working individual wants a diet that can make them feel fresh and energetic. Teenagers want a diet that can make them look prettier than ever and after 40+ all of us look for options that can make us look younger than before!  So many things on our mind but how to fit them all in one plate?

Above all, every person requires a balanced diet and it’s a struggle today with so many confusing options available in the market. The concept of my plate will help you analyse and understand what you are feeding your mind, body and soul each day. There is nothing such as wrong food or right food. It’s all about making the right choices at the right time. 

My Plate is a literal adaptation of “MY PLATE” a food guide developed by USDA with a purpose to educate people of their portion sizes and quality of food. A similar concept but with a different perception, I developed my plate keeping in mind individual needs, desires and expectations of and from the food they eat. My Plate represents some food qualities that most people look for in their diets. The interesting part of this plate is you are at your convenience to change the proportion of each quality based on your individual needs while the qualities remain constant. My Plate also gives allowance to ” cravings” once in a while. However it is a separable part of the plate which means it may or may not included in you plate every day. A glass represents physical activity. Few days you may be at the peak of your workouts while some days you may let loose. however, what is more important is physical exercise in any form should be cyclic and thus non ending just like the glass edges. Overall my plate is very colorful indicating that appeal of the food is also one of the important qualities of food. A colorful plate is more interesting than just a two color meal!

What to eat is more important than what not to eat. My Plate will help you focus and on what you are eating and not what you cannot eat. Follow this blog regularly to know what most of the world is eating and how can the choice and options get better each day. Stay connected to people through the medium of food.

You are the master of your choices. Make your own plate!